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Beauty at the tips of your fingers.

manicures manicures
Regular Manicure
Deluxe Manicure
A basic manicure with either paraffin wax or a hydration collagen gloves with 7 mins massage.
Gel Manicure/ Shellac Manicure
A regular manicure with gel polish.
Regular Pedicure (20 - 30 Min)
Service includes nail cutting, cuticles trimming, exfoliate with sugar scrub, 4 minutes of massage, warm towels, wrap and polish. (NOT taking care of dry skin or callus on the bottom).
Silver Pedicure (25 - 35 Min)
It is an extension to our basic pedicure. You can choose a Callous Treatment to improve rough heels, extra dry skin on the bottom.
Gold Pedicure (30 - 40 Min)
It is a step up of silver pedicure, you have both: Callous Treatment and Paraffin wax (help softer the heels) 10 Minutes of massage.
Signature Pedicure (35 - 45 Min)
Relax in the luxury of an Organic Spa experience with a complete and personalized 4 step spa treatment: dead sea salt soak, sugar scrub, moisture mask and massage cream. (the callous treatment and paraffin also included). 10 minutes of massage. Options: lavender, orange, mint. mimosa, raspberry sorbet.
Detox Pedicure (40 - 55 Min)
Every 1 or 2 months, you should check it out. Relax in luxury of Organic Spa experience with a complete treatment: sea salt, scrub, charcoal mask, essential oil, callous treatment, paraffin treatment, hot stones massage and the big secret: Jelly Bath. This pedicure experience for relaxation using heat therapy which soothes aching joints and muscles. 15 minutes of massage.
Tiara Pedicure (60 Min)
Free gel polish.
Once in a while, treat yourself to an Ultimate relaxation and pampered. You can have all the pedicure treatments that you need it or want it. Customize yourself, mix and matach and finalize your choice. Finish off with collagen socks. 15 minutes of massage
French (White Tip)
Gel Polish Extra
manicures manicures
Acrylic Full Set with Gel Polish
Color Powder Full Set
(no design)
(Extra long $5+)
Fill with Gel Polish or Powder
Ombre Set
$65- $75
(2 color powder ex: Pink & White)
(depend on the length)
White Tip Full Set
Pink & White Full Set
Different length, shapes
Extra $5 or More
Polish Change on Hands
Polish Change on Toes
Gel Polish Change On Real Nails
Gel Polish Change on Acrylic
Take Off Gel w/o service
Take Off Acrylic w/o service
Fix broken nails on Acrylic
$3 / Nail
French Tip
Nail Designs
Dipping Powder
manicures manicures
Dip on real nails
Dip on tips
Children Services
10 & Under
manicures manicures
Mani & Pedi Combo
manicures manicures
Under Arms
Full Face
Half Arms
Full Arms
Half Legs (Below the knees)
Full Legs